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Kasabian Introduced…

Posted in News on March 11, 2005 by Jennijops


 The band with swagger and scarves, (hailing from the less than musically notorious Leicester, England) fronted by the charismatic singer Tom Meighan, guitarist Sergio Pizzorno, guitarist Christopher Karloff and bassist Chris Edwards all possess ‘the look’ that leaves an instant impression to ensure nothing less than a self proclaimed self belief, confidence and the minds to respond to new ideas and interpret them in light of what is already known. Kasabian use old loopy beats with electro pulsing tasteful rock without sounding too arty or arrogant for their own good. While other bands are consumed in emulating eras gone by and setting limitations for progression, Kasabian take a step towards courting the new without sounding contrived. They have an instant familiarity to old rock n roll values. Kasabian evoke from a place that isn’t a trend, era or fashion. They’re a band that quite simply evoke of the relative fundamentals that make good music. Comparisons one may have heard to bands like Primal Scream and The Happy Mondays are weak and veneer in the sense that Kasabian sound like neither, nor do they draw inspiration from the two (rather the likes of DJ Shadow, Can and the attitude’s of Oasis and the grand daddies of rock n roll – The Stones). It’s only the use of mixing beats with rock n roll that make them similar. Kasabian’s brand of music has been done before – just like any other, but that’s where one can set true spirit and trend apart. Continue reading