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Cane Serge really beat Noel?

Posted in News on March 31, 2007 by Jennijops


Taking the Pizz … Serge, centre, reckons he can out-drink Noel


KASABIAN’S SERGE PIZZORNO fancies himself as a match for the mighty NOEL GALLAGHER.

He reckons he outdrinks last year’s Bizarre Caner Of The Year every time he goes out on the town with the OASIS star.

He said: “I can drink him under the table ? I should be top of the Caners’ League. I’ve only been to bed three times in the last ten days. The Bizarre team need to follow me around and monitor my drinking.”

See you down the pub then, Serge.


Ten Questions with Kasabian

Posted in Articles/Interviews on March 1, 2007 by Jennijops


What do you do in your spare time?

S: Gardening.

Confused by mishearing answer, Serge repeats…

S: Gardening.

Oh, OK! I thought you said ‘God’!

S: And God! Gardening with God on a Sunday (laughing). Monday, I have the devil ‘round for tea.

What is your vice of choice?
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Kasabian Round Two

Posted in Articles/Interviews on March 1, 2007 by Jennijops


Artistically speaking, Kasabian are not afraid of defining themselves. Their straight-forward, modern approach to rock n roll is completely delightful (paired with the fact that they’re criminally easy on the eyes). This is Cord’s second time brushing shoulders with Bassist, Chris Edwards (clearly he loves us too) and a big old first for wracking the brains of the twinkly eyed guitarist Sergio Pizzorno. They’re both so sweet – like mistaking Sugar Twin for real sugar and one can’t help being captivated by such good hearted souls. Does this writer make any sense? You know sometimes us writers just want to ask about clothes and girls and the stuff that really matters, which is sort-of the direction this interview takes… well, one can only really touch on the surface in ten minutes!

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