Kasabian Round Two


Artistically speaking, Kasabian are not afraid of defining themselves. Their straight-forward, modern approach to rock n roll is completely delightful (paired with the fact that they’re criminally easy on the eyes). This is Cord’s second time brushing shoulders with Bassist, Chris Edwards (clearly he loves us too) and a big old first for wracking the brains of the twinkly eyed guitarist Sergio Pizzorno. They’re both so sweet – like mistaking Sugar Twin for real sugar and one can’t help being captivated by such good hearted souls. Does this writer make any sense? You know sometimes us writers just want to ask about clothes and girls and the stuff that really matters, which is sort-of the direction this interview takes… well, one can only really touch on the surface in ten minutes!

Serge Pizzorno: As a band, people assume we’re a certain way. But (winking) we know far more than what we make out. And I think the kinder ones always do.

That was one of the questions I was going to ask you…do you think people think you’re not as aware as what you really are?

S: I think, until you meet us, you never really know who we are. We’re far more lovable then what people give us credit.

Of course you are! You’re from the midlands.

S: (laughing) Yeah!

So how has your tour been?

Chris Edwards: It’s been good actually, it’s been easy.

Serge: Really, really good – spectacular in-fact. We’re looking forward to coming back in February. We were only saying this morning it’s been a pleasure. We’ve not been home-sick or anything like that, cause usually we get a bit home-sick, but this one we’ve been like ‘we could do another month easy’.

But, really, which (wink, wink) city treats you the best, though?

S:Ahh…I’d say Vancouver!

C: We do like Vancouver, but we’ve not really exploited it yet (laughing).

S: I’ve got to say, as close as what we get as to what we get back home, Vancouver – for a crowd. For a city we all like Chicago, Toronto’s great as well. They’re all spectacular for their certain things and the obvious ones that are rubbish, well, can’t name them, but they’re pretty obvious!

How Savvy. You seem to have very genuine attitudes, it doesn’t seem that you’re too involved with the scenster cool, but you’re not mainstream…what do you feel about that?

S: I think that’s the perfect place to be really. Because they’re both rubbish. You’re too cool for school and you’re a dick and if you’re too like other bands and you’re also a dick. We’re kind of like the Stones were: bit down the middle.

C: Just people being them selves, playing music. Doing what you do, don’t try and be something you’re not and don’t inspire to be something you’ll never be.

S: We wear the best clothes though!

I noticed! Do you think your music reflects that?…wearing the best clothes, that is!

S: I think it’s very sexual. We’re secondhand and secondhand has definitely got a bit more sex to them.

So we can ask you questions about sex then?

S: Depends…phew…

C: Depends how deep you go.

Well, can a musician ever really love a girl more than music or his guitar?

(Long pause)

S: Oh………awe! (laughter) That is one of the best questions I’ve ever been asked!

C: That’s a tough one.

S: Um, I’ll have to be greedy on this situation and without copping out; I’d have to say you can’t have one without the other.

C: But if you had to choose one…

S: Well, lucky for me, I get to have both.

And your latest album… I’ve heard it’s really good (laughter). I’m kidding, I’ve heard it; I think it’s very good. How do you feel about this second album as compared to your first?

S: It’s different. It’s just now (as in 2006) instead of 2004. People got a bit freaked out about it sounding different, but I don’t think bands should sound the same… there should be a progression and you move on. The next album could sound like anything. The first two are very different, but I do think that they need to be as a body of work – every album should be.


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