Ten Questions with Kasabian


What do you do in your spare time?

S: Gardening.

Confused by mishearing answer, Serge repeats…

S: Gardening.

Oh, OK! I thought you said ‘God’!

S: And God! Gardening with God on a Sunday (laughing). Monday, I have the devil ‘round for tea.

What is your vice of choice?
C: It would have to be music and women and touring and alcohol.

S: The finer things in life!

What is your favorite city and venue to play in?

S: In the world?!

C: Tokyo is pretty empire. Tokyo in general, they’re pretty cool. They’re insane, man.

S: I think Glasgow, Burrowlands.

C: Even though you got hit with a bottle?

S: That was actually in a different venue.

C: See, that was in a different venue (laughing). See what touring does to you? Makes you mental!

What aspects of the world concern you the most?

S: Global warming. I’m the worst at it though because I leave my plugs on all the time…if there’s anything to be worried about. I’m very blasé about it, don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to start marching down the streets with a megaphone, but it’s a worry. It is! It is hot! It’s fucking hot, man and it’s October!

C: It is, maybe not in our lifetime, but half our country will be under water!

S: Shower with a friend, man. Have a shower and do it with a friend!

C: (To Serge) Very unprofessional, that is!

What question could you care less to hear again?

C: What does ‘Empire’ mean.

S: Yeah, that’s a good one.

C: The album’s name is Empire and people are like “well, what does it mean?” and if you don’t know, you never will.

S: We’ve said it enough.

What is your favorite Saturday morning cartoon?

C: I like the Road Runner, Warner brothers.

S: Dungeons and Dragons, I used to like that. That was pretty cool.

That is so nerdy!

S: It’s not nerdy, man! I was only eight! When you’re only eight, you don’t care if you’re a nerd!

I see, it was ‘was’.

C: We don’t watch cartoons anymore.

S: you’re talking 18 years ago! I’m allowed to be a nerd when I’m eight! It’s not nerdy when you’re eight; it is when you’re fucking 25!

…and you’re living in your parents’ basement playing a board game…

S: Exactly! But when you’re in a bloody rock n roll band…

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

S: A spaceman!

C: Yeah. I wanted to be a florist. No, not really.

S: Gigolo (laughing)

C: Yeah, Gigolo.

S: (laughing) You’re the best! You’d be the best male escort in the world! Smooth!

Does he always embarrass you like this?

C: That’s not embarrassing!

S: Embarrassed? That’s a compliment! If someone gave you such a nice compliment, you’d be embarrassed out of love.

If you could exchange places with someone just for a day, who would it be?

C: (pointing at Serge) Him.

S: (pointing at Chris) Him (laughing) It would be exactly the same! I would have exactly the same life. Ha! I could be a gardening gigolo, you know what I mean? (more laughter).

C: You know, I probably don’t actually want to know.

S: Exactly! Terrific.

If there were a bear and it had to fight shark in a very shallow pool of water, who do you think would win that fight?

C: Shark.

S: Hmm, that’s a good question though. I mean, are we talking, like, shin high?

Um, shark depth?

S: Oh, so, like the bear is 20 feet under water?

Well, deep enough for a shark to be in!

S: Ahh, the shark would win definitely. If the shark was knee high he could go at him from below, but if the pool was deep as this room then the bear has no chance. Bears fight to survive, not just to fight.

And…if you could ask me a question what would it be?

C: Are you coming to the show tonight?

Think so!

S: We’ve got a better one than that surely! We can ask you…

C: What’s your biggest vice?

The finer things in life!


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