Noel Gallagher Praises Kasabian

Noel Gallagher says Kasabian are like Mount Fuji.

The Oasis rocker – who is currently on tour in Japan with the group – says he was particularly impressed on a sight-seeing trip around the country, comparing the sights with the music of his ‘Empire’ hitmaker friends.

Noel said: “That bullet train was most enjoyable. The sight of Mount Fuji was, and indeed is, always amazing. Majestic, in fact. A bit like that new Kasabian album. But then I am biased.”

Although impressed by Japan, Noel – who has been complaining of “killer” jet lag – is not as delighted with his own performances.

Posting on his blog on Thursday (19.03.09), the guitarist wrote: “That show was rubbish. That’s 3 s**t concerts in a row for me now – if we’re counting the Radio 1 / BBC stuff last week, which I am. This is worrying. No one else seems to be that concerned though, maybe it’s just me, eh? (sic)”

As well as criticising his own shows, Noel has also blasted ‘Take Me Out’ rockers Franz Ferdinand – who won the Nationwide Mercury Prize in 2004 – blaming the current economic crisis on their success.

He said: “Just done a round of interviews in which I was asked to explain what I thought has gone wrong with the global economy!! Apart from the fact that the global conspiracy theorists have seemingly been right all along, we managed to trace back the actual moment the storms clouds started to gather to when Franz Ferdinand won the Mercury Muzak Prize. THINK ABOUT IT. (sic)”


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