Kasabian at Margate Winter Gardens – 23rd March 2009

kasabian_margateThere aren’t too many big names that have graced the Winter Gardens over the past few years with only maybe Jimmy Carr making it a regular feature on his comedy tours, but the photos covering every inch of wallspace in the building shows the rich heritage that Margate has had in the past.

In recent years it’s only (insert generic TV talent show) has-beens that have featured on the bill but it looks as if a corner is turning with popular bands choosing to add Margate onto the gigging circuit. In December the Fratellis came down, in April The Enemy will be here, but on Monday 23rd March I was lucky to get tickets to see Kasabian, a band who are still in the mainstream and who will be releasing their 3rd studio album, West Rider Pauper Lunatic Asylum, in June of this year.

The venue was packed to capacity by 8pm which wasn’t bad for a cold Monday night, although the £3.50 drinks were a little steep but it didn’t stop the punters making full use of the bars. Support for the evening was provided by ‘The Hours’ (http://www.thehours.co.uk) of whom I recognised one song – ‘Ali In The Jungle’ (http://tinyurl.com/thehours), and who seem to have slipped off the radar, but luckily they played that song first which meant a quick sojourn to the bar.

I wasn’t sure if the gig would be Kasabian showcasing new material and trying to move away from their hits from the past two albums but I was happy that they chose to play a wide variety of songs from their catalogue including some songs from their forthcoming album.

The setlist for the evening was as follows:

Shoot The Runner
Reason is Treason
Cutt Off
Processed Beats
Sun Rise/Light Flies
Me Plus One
Fast Fuse
The Doberman
and for the encore:

Club Foot
You Got The Love

The Winter Gardens was transformed with an amazing light rig and immense speaker system which made it a great venue for live music and the majority of the people at the gig had a great time although I must also mention my hatred of those who insist on throwing pints into random sections of the crowd. Infantile and thuggish behaviour which did take the gloss off the evening for me. Whether this is just a Margate thing or the type of crowd a band like Kasabian attracts I’m not too sure but it won’t put me off going back to the Winter Gardens to get a taste of top bands performing at a top venue.



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