Kasabian rock out.

As the event was drawing to a close, Leicester band Kasabian and their swaggers strutted on stage at the Roundhouse. Guitarist Sergio Pizzorno was looking very fetching in a Bat For Lashes-style headband and red shirt, while Tom Meighan was sporting a wonderfully garish shirt with huge stars on it.

They put on a heroic performance and played all of the hits, much to the delight of the chanting, beer-swilling – and by now quite intoxicated – crowd. The football stadium sing-a-long of the classic choruses of Shoot The Runner, Empire, Reason Is Treason and Club Foot nearly –metaphorically – blew the roof off.

Their live act is a rock ‘n’ roll treat, which prompted a mosh of frenetic movement, crowd-surfing and euphoria. Initially sceptical of their new album tracks – namely Vlad The Impaler – which they opened with, it translated well to the live setting. Whether it does anything new is a question but Fire, from West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum, is the new single and had more depth to it.

The laddish vibe is probably the worst nightmare of a lot of music fans, but there’s no doubt Tom Meighan had the roundhouse eating out of the palm of his hands tonight.


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