Kasabian @ The Roundhouse 25/04/09 [Camden Crawl]


Vlad the Impaler
Reason is Treason
Cutt Off
Sun Rise Light Flies
Club Foot

The gig started at 10.30pm and finished 11.10pm. There was no encore due to time. I was shocked they didn’t play LSF, but it’s about time they dropped it from the end of the gig IMO.

Vlad was good, but needs a bit more work. I couldn’t hear Jay at all which was a little disappointing and he looked pissed as hell after the gig.

Serge was cracking me up during Club Foot. He was jumping off the drum stand and ended up on the floor. I’ll upload a vid later….

Oh yeah another thing that happened was, this bloke came on stage from round the back. I’m thinking oh, Kasabian have a special guest? Then, he waves at the crowd and then runs and jumps straight at us [just over our heads]. Tom was like ‘What?’. I think it scared him a bit, but it was hilarious.

Here’s Vlad for your viewing pleasure…. 😀


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  1. cool fansite and cool vid.
    do you mind if I’ll put a link of it on my kasabian website?

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