Kasabian key songs Track by Track [Q Magazine]

Thanks to Curlies for the scan…

Kasabian on the new album’s key songs

The Underdog
Tom Meighan@ “It’s a great way to start. There’s a brilliant scuzzy guitar. By the tiem you’ve finished listening to it, you’re crushed.”

Thick as Theives
Sergio Pizzorno: “People have said taht this song reminds them of the Small Faces. it feels like it’s being sung by the last man standing at the bar”

TM: “We played this at festivals last year to remind people we were still around. It’s psychedelic, but it’s still Kasabian [our sound] is as fierce as it ever was.”

SP: “I wrote this when I was 20. It just felt like a good way to end the album. It’s got a real Lou Reed Perfect Day sound.”


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