Little Boots doesn’t fancy Kasabian


LITTLE Boots gave star headliners Kasabian a piece of her mind before popping her Camden Crawl cherry over the weekend.


She also delivered a lesson in pop perfection on the legendary Roundhouse stage.

The Blackpool babe, real name Victoria Hesketh, said with a twinkle in her eye: “My single is up against their comeback single.

 “So I had some fun fighting words with them backstage.”

Vicky, left, was one of the few girls in north London not fawning over Kasabian bad boys Tom Meighan and Serge Pizzorno, both 28.

She said: “I don’t really fancy the Kasabian guys to be honest.

“I’m so not rock n’ roll. I’m really a massive tech nerd.” 

In fact Little Boots had no idea she was even supposed to be supporting Kasabian at the two-day event’s biggest venue.

The 25-year-old said: “When I saw in my diary that I was playing The Gaymers Camden Crawl I didn’t realise that I was playing The Roundhouse.

“I just assumed that I would be in a dingy little pub somewhere.

“I don’t normally get nervous, but I think this is the biggest venue I have done.”

Although she’s a Lancashire lass, Vicky definitely has a soft spot for Camden.

She said: “I love the community feel, with everyone out on the street playing instruments. Camden feels stuck in a time warp from about ten years ago, but in a nice way.

“Every aspiring musician has to play a seedy pub somewhere here. It’s like an important test before you get a record deal.”

Little Boots’ single New Town is out on May 25.


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