Snooker Rocks For Kasabian Star Chris


Mark Selby may have missed out on topping snooker’s charts at the World Snooker Championship, but his close pal Chris Edwards is hoping for a number one hit with rock stars Kasabian.

Bass player Edwards was at the Crucible to see Selby’s first round match with Ricky Walden, and followed the action closely on TV as the Jester suffered an agonising 13-12 defeat in the quarter-finals to John Higgins.

“We’ve got our new album coming out in early June, so for us to get a number one and Mark to have won the world title would have been a great double,” said the 28-year-old. And while Selby may not have any more snooker to look forward to this season, he does have the chance to see Kasabian play live for the first time. “He’s not had a chance to go to one of our gigs yet but we’re going on tour with Oasis this summer so he’s hoping to make one,” said Edwards.

The two Leicester natives have been friends since their teenage years. “I’ve played at the same snooker club as Mark since I was 17,” said snooker-lover Edwards. “I remember when I first saw him play, he was only 14 then and he could barely see over the table. I guess he was a relatively late starter but straight away you could see how good he was and his confidence around the table. You’ve either got it or you haven’t.

“I was similar I suppose because I didn’t pick a guitar up until I was 16. None of us (in Kasabian) have had any lessons, but we’re very lucky to have a natural songwriter in Serge (Pizzorno). When the songs are that good, it’s easier to pick them up and play them. We just get on stage and play.”


Kasabian’s self-titled first album was released in 2004 and their unique brand of indie rock enjoyed immedaite critical acclaim and commercial success. The follow up, Empire, came out in 2006, and their third studio album, West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum, is due on June 8.

“Mine and Mark’s careers have gone on a similar trajectory, we’ve both done really well in the last few years,” said Edwards. “I’ve known Mark’s manager, Mukesh Parmar, for quite a few years, and when Mark started doing well in snooker, I asked Mukesh for some advice about how he was dealing with it.”

Whenever Edwards needs to get away from the pressures of making music, he heads straight to the snooker club. “I’m rubbish – my top break is 41,” he admits. “I’ve watched it since I was a kid, and as soon as I was old enough to drive I was always at the snooker club. But I’ve never played regularly enough to be any good. Serge like a game as well and comes down to the club now and then. I like playing pool too and I’ve got a table in my house.

“I love snooker, and even though it’s so hard, you can play one good shot and you think you are Mark Selby. He won’t play me though – he must be scared!

“I’ve been to most of the venues in the UK to watch him play – Telford, Wembley, Newport and now the Crucible. The Masters final against Ronnie O’Sullivan this year was brilliant, there was a great atmosphere. The match against Ricky Walden was the first time I’ve been to the Crucible, it seems like the venue is built for snooker and I can imagine that when it goes down to one table it must be fantastic.”

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