Kasabian’s Fire promo posted at PFL


Prime Focus London has completed post production on Kasabian’s promo for their new song Fire.
Directed by W.I.Z. and made by Factory Films, the promo was shot on film and posted in HD. Fire heralds the return of Kasabian with their new album, West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum, which is released on 8th June through Sony Music.

Set in a sleepy US desert town, the promo has a modern day wild west feel to it and sees the band as outlaws, armed with their guitars as they attempt to raid the local bank. The promo flicks between the action inside the bank and CCTV footage of the robbery which features a digital clock, counting down in real-time to disaster. As the police arrive, the clock finishes and a shoot out rages as the raiders attempt to escape with their loot – a bag full of sheets of music.

Prime Focus London’s Rob Ellis provided Flame work on the promo and has worked on many projects with director W.I.Z. over the years. “W.I.Z is excellent in terms of the quality, and the variety of work that he does. His promos almost always have a filmic feel and often contain a narrative element” says Rob. “For the CCTV footage of the bank robbery, W.I.Z. actually went to the extent of conforming the material and then re-filming it off a monitor. The editor had already broken up some of the footage and doubled up frames before W.I.Z. re-filmed it, taking it to the next level before the Flame work began. He’s very much into the quality of the image, which makes him a fantastic director to work with.”

Rob added “There was a countdown clock on the CCTV inside the bank which worked narratively, counting down to a dreadful event which ties the whole promo together. I had to get that to work in real-time, in a suitable font and it needed to look organic without looking like it had been added later and I think it works well.”

The grade was provided by Prime Focus London’s Tom Russell “The brief was to give the promo a hot Sergio Leone, Once Upon a Time in the West feel but with a more modern slant. It was shot on location in South Africa and my job was to enhance the natural environment and push it into a burning hot desert location. I achieved this by giving it a really golden, red hot look by pushing the contrast.” Tom adds “The lead singer was filmed doing a lot of his vocal looking into a gold tinted window with his reflection facing back adding that sort of golden hot tone we wanted. There are some lovely wide shots which are typical of the genre and look stunning, especially at the end where the sheets of music fall from the stolen bag and gently drop to the ground.”


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