Kasabian ☆ Super Premier CA4LA’s listening session in collaboration with!


Translated from Japanese – sorry for any errors…

The band continues to attract the best in the world music scene, the latest long-awaited 3rd album KASABIAN lunatic asylum for the 6 / 3 prior to the release of the member Tom (Vo.) and Serge (G.) To promote in Japan yesterday, 4 / 30 (Thursday), at Roppongi SHINEMAZU TOHO “world’s fastest super ☆ premier” listening sessions were conducted. 

On this day, only 150 were chosen by a lottery winner who is “masterpieces of the best ever” from the lunatic asylum seven songs, listen for the first time in the world’s best acoustics, the first time in Japan more promotional videos and the latest “Vlad the Impaler” and “Fire” in the presence of Premier Running, enjoy a new world fastest KASABIAN literally. Album & PV film and listen, for one moment to bask in the afterglow, and appeared on stage at last Tom and Serge, the peak voltage of the hall!

Also graciously answered questions from fans, and last contact with the fans, Japan The word “ARIGATO!” and convey his gratitude to Tom several times and ended in great success. The more, hat shop “CA4LA” special collaboration with the Planning “KASABIAN x CA4LA ~ Where did all the hat’s love go? ~” Has been announced that will be implemented. 6 / 1 (Monday) the plan is to start from, CA4LA Fair is fair CA4LA annual summer rock festival, “CA4LA Rockn’roll Explosion !!!!!” In the pre-fair, and feature ultra-Planning is. This is designed to cap Serge is known for their model “Serge”, and album release “model KASABIAN” Limited quantities of a single item, sold at stores nationwide. Also, CA4LA Shibuya and test. In 6 / 1 (Monday) – 6 / 28 (Sunday) period, exhibiting a rare shot of a carefully selected KASABIAN have also decided to hold an exhibition panel.

 For more information CA4LA to official site! 10 year anniversary of the summer, “SUMMER SONIC 09” KASABIAN also decided to cast a headliner. For Summer, the long-awaited new lunatic asylum, I can not wait to arrive!


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