Kasabian Camden Crawl artwork

These cute drawings of Tom, Serge and Chris are by Mike-Columbia. He writes the follow review on his blog:

Jo and I are off out tonight to see The View and Kasabian at The Roundhouse. 
I go and watch out front.     Kasabian come on to “Vlad the Impaler” it is perfect, all of the air raid spotlights going mental, the strobes, the sirens, everything you could ask for.  It is one hell of a punch with which to launch the show.  Follow it up with “Reason is Treason” a brutal one two.  Tom is fabulous, whipping the crowd into a frenzy; truly there are no frontmen in British bands who can hold a candle to him.   It is only a forty-minute set tonight, hemmed in by the constraints of the Camden Crawl.     “Fire” has been transformed  and gets everyone in the room punching the air tonight, I can’t wait until the recod is out there and everyone knows all the words.

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