Kasabian @ HMV London [2009 Mojo Honours List] 06/04/09

Just got back from Kasabian’s short, but hella sweet gig at HMV, Oxford Street gig, in support of the 2009 Mojo’s Honours List, which was announced today.

The gigs were split into two – the afternoon slot was taken up by Ian Broudie [of Lightning Seeds fame], which was wonderful. His has a lovely, sweet voice and he played a few songs from his forthcoming album. Next up were The Pretty Things – this band has been going for years and they have been declared this year’s Mojo Heroes [and deservedly so – I hope that Kasabian have that sort of longevity]. They were blinding – proper psychedelic rock/blues and even a bit of gospel. I saw Serge sneak in to check them out too…;)

Then there was a break and about 6pm things resumed with new breakthrough act nominated School of Seven Bells. They had a bit of a shakey start, but soon got into the swing of it and were really quite good. Very electro, with lovely, haunting harmonies.

Then on came the mighty Kasabian and gave us a quick jolt to the system before, leaving us [well, esp me] begging for more. They played only 6 songs:

Vlad the Impaler [which was fucking awesome!!]
Shoot The Runner
Club Foot

The crowed was a bit strange. They were more gawking than getting into the swing of things. I think I was the only one really getting my groove on. Tom even mentioned that the set up was weird [people huddled into the aisles of the store]. But, as usual, they brought the noise. Tom was sporting a very cool hairstyle. He put the front of his hair into a ponytail, like a samurai.  I also loved how Chris jazzed up the bassline of ‘Underdog’, which was brilliant! Hopefully, I will have video of this soon. Serge also passed me his setlist [thanks Mr P!].

I took pictures only [I have rubbish audio on my camera for vids]. Also big up to new friends Martin and Bernie – you rock!



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