West Ryder now available to pre-order on iTunes [hear previews]


The new Kasabian album up on iTunes now to pre-order. You will also receive ‘Cunny Grope Lane’, a making of video and digital booklet.

It also looks as though amazon.co.uk will be putting up the japanese special edition of the album too.


Thanks frankly_tart

***UPDATE*** tracks are now available to preview [thanks alexhannah15]

Underdog – the stand out favourite track of the moment. Can anyone say anthem?
Where did the love go? – Wow! Very Kinks-y. Great use of string and percussion. Loving the retro feel of it.
Swarfiga – Ghostly instrumental with a western theme. Very cool. I also like how the voices go around your headphones from ear to ear.
Fast Fuse – this version is amazing. Do I hear timpani?
Take Aim – a grower. I like it when the guitar kicks in. Looks like it’s gonna build and build.
Thick as Thieves – wonderfully distorted guitar heavenly, delicate picking. I love it!
West Ryder/Silver Bullet – Hop-along Pizzorno methinks. I can see his bow-legs in the distance…LOL! Me likes.
Vlad the Impaler – as badass as the music video. Sleep with both eyes open.
Ladies and Gentleman – the studio version is lush
Secret Alphabets – They’re channeling the Monkees here. Groovy baby.
Fire – great dynamics in Tom’s voice in this track.
Happiness – A beatlesque dreamscape. And I love the slow hang-clap.
Cunny Grope Lane – very Stone-sy. Great chorus [actually Tom is singing Grope Cunny Lane – maybe it’s too rude to put the right way around??]

Please check the poll to your right to vote on your favourite track…


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