Honours List Launch Videos: Kasabian Meet The Pretty Things! [Video]


SF Sorrow blew my mind,” said Kasabian‘s Sergio Pizzorno when he met The Pretty Things‘ Phil May and Dick Taylor backstage at the MOJO Honours ListLaunch event earlier this week. It was to be just one of the day’s highlights, as the two bands – alongside The Lightning Seeds’ Ian Broudie and FX-rockers School Of Seven Bells – lined up to tear the roof off London’s HMV Oxford Street.

The Pretty Things meet Kasabian!

Kasabian are currently jockeying for the title of top British rock group, and the daring pop experiments of their pending album, The West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum, look set to earn them respect in hitherto unimagined quarters. “Respect” was certainly the theme as Kasabian’s beanpole axe dude Sergio Pizzorno joined MOJO earlier in the day to record a video interview with Phil May and Dick Taylor from The Pretty Things. Serge’s love for the rock’n’roll originals oozed from every pore as he quizzed May and Taylor about the crazy ideas and Heath-Robinsonesque studio techniques that poured into their 1968 masterpiece,SF Sorrow.

So when Pizzorno and bandmates Tom Meighan, Chris Edwards and Ian Matthews took the stage to close a day of Launch-based rock action they did so with the bearing of a band who knew that the bar had been raised. Tracks from their forthcoming third album acquired a searing psychedelic halo, and Bruce Springsteen will need to be aware that in Underdog, Vlad The Impaler and lead-off single, Fire, Kasabian have the juice to turn their recently-announced Saturday night Glastonbury slot into a daunting “follow-that!” throwdown. At HMV, back-catalogue gems Empire, Shoot The Runner and Club Foot rewarded the faithful, but the good news for the previously-unconvinced is that Kasabian are getting weirder. And better.

Kasabian Videos

Shoot The Runner

Vlad The Impaler




Club Foot



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