Kasabian deliver electric atmosphere

WHILE couples and groups basked in the last rays of sunlight outside, Kasabian created an arena-like atmosphere on the main stage.

The English rock band was led by Tom Meighan on vocals, who was wearing a red and white checked shirt, black skinny jeans and khaki-coloured jacket.

Other members of the band included Sergio Pizzorno on guitar and vocals, Chris Edwards on bass, along with Ian Matthews and Jay Mehler who were dressed in t-shirts and jackets, with the guitarist attired in a bandana.

With the blue tent over the main stage creating a cocoon-like atmosphere, their songs reverberated off the walls to echo around Lydiard Park.

Most memorable were “Empire”, “Clubfoot” and one of the final “LSF”.

As the blue, white and red lighting moved up and down highlighting the stage, white searchlights panned over the crowd while some of the audience held t-shirts above their heads, others were on friends’ shoulders swaying to the music.

Everyone had their hands in the air on the band’s instructions. Lead singer Tom egged on the crowd striding back and forth along the smoke-filled stage with his long hair tied back in a half ponytail.

At one point, Tom playfully waved a tamborine at the crowd before putting it over his face and then swung a microphone over his shoulder.

Towards the end, Tom threw his towel over the barriers and into the crowd who were surging forward at the front.



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