Kasabian says festival was great for local bands


KASABIAN vocalist and guitarist Sergio Pizzorno says aspiring musicians in Swindon can take a lot away with them from this year’s festival.

“It’s sound that Radio 1 have asked us to come along,” he said. “We’re a rock n’ roll outfit – a psychedelic one at that.

“It’s strange wandering around seeing these mad pop bands, but fair play, it’s great.

“We don’t really feel part of any community – we never have anywhere, we always feel like we’re on our own, but at the same time these kids can get to see us and see some mad music being made.

“It’s a big deal for the local community especially for local bands – they get to see us play and think, right I want to be doing that. It’s important it travels all over.

“But you have to work your nuts off – it’s a lot of hard work.

“You have to be good and that’s the hardest thing. If you’re good and you have the heart to work then you’ll get there.”

When asked which Kasabian song people at the Big Weekend will take away with them, Sergio was quick to answer.

“Empire fits the bill and the mood of a festival – it’s always great to play,” he said.



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