Rock review: Kasabian, West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum

*** [out of 5]

If, as the Sun insists, Kasabian succeed Oasis as the next massive rock band, theirs will be an odd tale of two Noels. The first is big uncle Gallagher, looking to pass his baton to the mouthy Leicester lads who are wilder than Arctic Monkeys, and who, unlike our kid Liam, don’t think Spinal Tap were a real band. So in homage, West Ryder’s lunatic opener, Underdog, is classic 90s “mad for it” material – a heady bellyful of Happy Mondays that is followed by the glam-rock Where Did All the Love Go? Not unlike their last album Empire, in short.

Primal Scream and Stone Roses influences also remain, but looming larger is the second Noel. Namely, the Mighty Boosh’s Noel Fielding, who plays a daft vampire slayer in the video to Vlad the Impaler. Fielding’s presence reveals the band’s experimental side, which, thanks to Gorillaz producer Dan the Automator, comes to the fore on West Ryder. So Take Aim has gypsy violins, Secret Alphabets’ filmic feel is more Tarkovsky than Tarantino, and Fast Fuse is a fine 60s-style stomp.

All of which leads you to conclude that in their struggle to position themselves, Kasabian are trying too hard to be all things to all men. Adventurous? Definitely. Massive? Perhaps.

Download: Where Did All the Love Go?; Fast Fuse


2 Responses to “Rock review: Kasabian, West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum”

  1. Try to hard? Surely its a good thing if each track has something different from the one before it?

    This has got to be the best effort from the lads from Leicester, every track is just screaming greatness, I just beg to god someone next year takes notice of the bands true greatness and gives them the Festival Headline Spot at Reading or Glasto that they are destined to have.

  2. Amen Dexter, amen!

    They gotta headline. It’s a travesty. I drove all the way up to Creamfields to support the guys first headlining slot. It should be the norm by now.

    I find it very aggravating that ‘certain’ US bands get precedence over Kasabian, when Kasabian are 1000 times better!

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