Kasabian on Later Live with Jools Holland 19/05/09 [Video]

Kasabian did a sterling job tonight on Later Live with Jools Holland. They completely owned it. They played ‘Fire’ and ‘Underdog’. Tom was sporting a hand-written message on his right hand [a la Chris Martin] to ‘Wiggly’, whoever that is. I loved the giant ‘K’ lighting rig that was above their heads. The boys were on form. Here’s the ‘Fire’ video. I messed up taping ‘Underdog’. Hopefully someone will up it again to YouTube.

The fuller version of Later with Jools Holland will be airing next Friday [29th] as there is Golf on this coming Friday.


2 Responses to “Kasabian on Later Live with Jools Holland 19/05/09 [Video]”

  1. What does the writing mean Anyone? The girlfriend? Ace set.

  2. Adam Nusbaum Says:

    could you make an mp3 file for these?

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