‘Get loose, get loose’ – inside their secret gig

As two coaches pull up outside St Margaret’s bus station, 60 fidgety Kasabian fans surge forward, unable to contain their excitement.

They’re about to begin their journey to a money-can’t-buy secret Kasabian gig in London.

It’s the best way to see your favourite band – surrounded by dozens of other die-hard fans who have all dropped their plans at a moment’s notice to see their heroes on stage.

As the buses make their way to London, the anticipation grows, with fans all eager to see Kasabian at this intimate Channel 4 gig, the smallest they’ve played in years.

We pull up outside Kentish Town Forum, and there is already a gaggle of cool-looking teenagers and 20-somethings queuing up outside to get their place at the front.

Our winners join the throng and the wristbands are soon handed out – medical-style bands bearing a “day patient” tag in honour of Kasabian’s upcoming third album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum.

Tonight, around 400 people are here to see Kasabian – just 400 out of 15,000 who applied for a ticket, proving how popular the band has become.

Inside, the venue is dark and smoky, and the crowd – including Mighty Boosh star Noel Fielding and ex Oasis drummer Zak Starkey – is full of expectation as cameras roll overhead and behind the auditorium.

And suddenly, the boys are on: Serge looking the epitome of cool, strumming his guitar effortlessly while Tom excitably bounds about the stage.

They open with the download single Vlad The Impaler and the crowd joins in emphatically with shouts of “get loose, get loose,” proving the boys’ new material is catching on as easily as their older tunes.

Then it’s straight into Shoot The Runner and Cutt Off, a track from their first album that always manages to get the crowd going.

“Let’s have big shouts if you’re from Leicester,” shouts Tom to the Mercury competition winners, who all roar eagerly back.

Upcoming single Fire goes down a storm, but of all the new material it’s Underdog that sounds best live.

Empire is always a crowd-pleaser and The Doberman closes the show, but it’s clear the boys have saved the best for the encore.

Sure enough, they return to the stage to launch into the rowdy Club Foot and then, as has become tradition, Serge sings Candi Staton’s club classic You Got The Love, merging into fans’ favourite LSF.

There’s a second encore for Fire and then Kasabian leave the stage for the third and final time. The crowd disperses and 60 Leicester fans stumble on to the coaches to return home, all thoroughly exhausted but happy in the knowledge that they can say they were the original patients of the West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum.



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