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In concert tonight at Trabendo, Kasabian preparing to publish an excellent third album. To understand the functioning of the group we have involved a recent interview of Tom Meighan, lead singer with what we had kept Serge Pizzorno, the songwriter, 3 years ago

Within the group, are you close? Do you work well together? And is it has improved over time?

Tom Meighan (Vocals): Yes, especially as the group stage. We play together for our 17 years. We grew up together.

Serge, what do you with Tom on stage?

Serge Pizzorno (guitar, songwriter): One has the impression that he continually thanked the audience during the concert. He respects in its entirety, is tranquilizing.

Tom, what does it feel to sing the songs of someone else in his own group, you understand better Roger Daltrey, the Who?

TM: Oh, I see us a little like the Who today. Four guys with very different personalities. Roger sings the songs of Pete Townshend, I sang the title Serge. It worked for the Who, it works for us. And I am very close to Serge, so I know what about his texts. He writes rock songs, not pop songs with “I love you” in every sense. So no problems.

What were the posters on the walls of your rooms of teenagers?

SP: Oh Oasis, they were very important when we were younger. It’s crazy, it is very friends today (Kasabian played with Oasis as part of the tour stages of English as the brothers Gallagher are undertaking these days, ie). It was a great meeting because we look a lot and we are moving in similar directions. Otherwise I had pictures of Syd Barrett, too, peace to his soul. I loved Pete Townshend, Keith Richards, but rather would be my hero. It is why I tried to dress properly in the morning. He never made an error on this point.

No footballers or actors?

SP: George Best! For actors, the identification is less strong but good, Marlon Brando and Johnny Depp still.

What dreams inspired you when you were teens? Become a footballer or a rock musician was the only issue?

SP: You can say that it is a way out of the fucking system. If you let too much, you are quickly blocked without using recover and we need you to do this routine as best they could. You become just another number. It is not hard, it’s just normal, boring, it turns you into zombie. It is always better, always worse. It is not so bad this newspaper, but my foremost desire was to escape that.

The school was boring as well?

SP: All seemed to be at work, but I could not m’épanouir when he was writing. I never felt to do much, apart from monitoring the run time and girls of course! That was my only motivation to go to class. Since I matured, I see that I could do better, but if I had to start again, I would not change anything. Maybe I spend more time with the girls!

The tours have an influence on you?

TM: Totally .. I hate not being on tour. When you’re on tour, we see the world differently, and when we return home, we have a more open look.

SP: In a sense, Tokyo and Leicester are not so different than that. When you watch people closely, they are exposed to the same things and when they arise, it is found anywhere with similar concerns. That’s what’s fascinating in the rock is that you go log in and get the same message to people in New York, Mexico City or Paris. Despite the distance and the different cultures, you get to pick the same way.

Are you still interested in what happens in the music that you were in your early days?

TM: Yes, of course. There are many small youth arrived. The Enemy as I love them. But now we are rather in our bubble, so we do not see too what is happening around us. But that is not arrogance. It cares more of us than what surrounds us. Initially, there was competition between groups, and that was important. But it does us well, we did what we had to do. We grew.

Are there old titles that you can not afford?

TM: No. Each title has its place. Well, I repeat not, but serge either. Sing face to the wall, is horrible. But the titles are like photographs, you know, you can not change. I never say that I’m not one of our titles, as Graham Coxon of Blur, who spits on “Country House”. But it was you who wrote it man!

Finally, Tom, you’re instinct Kasabian, and Serge is the maestro?

TM: Yes, absolutely, that’s exactly it. That’s not very hard to be instinct, I just keep myself in fact.

And what are you the next concert?

TM: It was going to become even better. Before we knew the sword handle, but now we can kill them (laughs).

(The words of Serge Pizzorno were collected in 2006 and had been reproduced in the magazine issue 49 Newcomer) [Now that’s just laziness ~Jennijops]



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