Sergio Pizzorno: “Noel Gallagher Has Inspired Me More Than Any Teacher Or Historical Figure”

Kasabian have had chart success with singles such as Club Foot, LSF, Processed Beats, Empire, Shoot The Runner and on June 1 they are releasing Fire, which is already getting huge airplay on BBC Radio 1.

“It is not your average pop single,” said Serge. It is different, a beautiful thing.”

For the guitarist it is inspiring the next generation that gives him the biggest buzz.

“If they watch the show and want to start a band that’s great. These talent shows are fair enough, but we come from a stable of incredible rock music and we need more of it,” he said The musician was inspired himself at 14 by Noel Gallagher from Oasis, and this summer Kasabian are touring with their rock heroes.
“When I was 14 Brit Pop was the centre of the world, and Noel was my music hero initially. He inspired me more than any teacher or historical figure.” Noel jumped up on stage with Kasabian and played three songs with them at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay street party in 2007.

“It will be a wicked line-up on the Oasis tour including us and The Enemy,” said Serge. 

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