Kasabian’s Leicester 3 night stand


Ah, where do I start!! I had the most AMAZING 3 days up in Leicester, watching Kasabian rock their home town. It was something I simply couldn’t miss. They played the same setlist over the 3 days, which was the following:

Vlad the Impaler
Shoot The Runner
Reason is Treason
Cutt Off
Processed Beats
Sun Rise/Light Flies
Where Did All The Love Go? [the mid section has been changed. More like the album track now]
Me Plus One
Fast Fuse [AMAZING!]
The Doberman

Club Foot
You Got The Love
I was hoping they might have played a new new song, but I guess we’ll have to wait until after the album drops. The highlights for me were:

  • The weather was amazing – there was sun sun sun all day long.
  • Rob – a local, who we got chatting to in the queue. He’s the original lunatic I’m telling you. On Friday he was singing ‘Shoot the Runner’ through a traffic cone at the security staff and then on Sunday he was trying to get a ticket for the gig, but must have pissed someone off and was promptly escorted off the premises by the police. He was highly entertaining though.
  • The dude that had a carrier bag on his head which looked like a police helmet and was happily dancing away by himself after the gig. Hi-larious!
  • Enjoying The Hours set [They’re actually growing on me].
  • Jersey Budd rocking the show. He said felt really privileged to be at last playing De Montfort Hall. It had been a life-long dream of his [awwwwwww].
  • Me jumping about like a loon to ‘God Don’t Pay No Debts in the Morning’ [top choon!]. I sang backing vocals from the crowd when his backing singer didn’t turn up to the Sunday gig.
  • Jersey signed my Wonderlands CD after the gig [cheers mate].
  • Not having beer thrown all over me. No drinks were allowed in the auditorium [hurrah!]
  • The sound in De Montfort hall was INCREDIBLE. Really crystal clear. I loved it.
  • Us nagging Serge about ‘Take Aim’. We kept chanting it over and over. The first night he said ‘What song???!, looked down and pointed. Second night he said ‘You’re not meant to know that song yet!’ and was pointing at us and smiling. That was funny.
  • The crowd were immense – really noisy, both before the gig, during and after. They were on top form, chanting football chants. The best night for me though was Saturday. The guys just seemed really happy being there with their friends and family and were really enjoying themselves. Tom looked overwhelmed by the response, especially Saturday night. He was almost in tears, bless him.
  • Serge dedicated ‘Me Plus One’ to the front row because we’d come to the shows 3 days in a row. We sang ‘We want SERGE SERGE SERGE!’ back at him as a thank you.
  • Tom gave someone the finger in perfect time to the music. I dunno who that was directed at, but it was hella funny.
  • Me air-drumming to Mr Ian Matthews’ beats. He has such great crowd communication and was really pounding those skins as I was egging him on.

The boys seemed really pleased to be home. I’ve never seen them so happy and communicative with the crowd. Tom was everywhere and waving, winking and smiling at different ones [including me – whoa!]. We got love from Sergio also, and Jay and at the end of Sunday’s gig Jay flicked a guitar pick in my direction, which I caught straight away [much to his amazement]. He also gave me Serge’s setlist [thanks duder!]. I asked Ian for a drumstick and he threw it off stage, but some cheeky bugger caught it.

I have to give shoutouts to the following peeps, which made the days waiting in the queue and hanging out that much more enjoyable – Laura, Emma, Delphine, Laura [from Spain], Celine, Debz, Josephine, Angie, Nicole, Ryan, Tish, the two girls wearing the customised Kasabian vest-tops [genius], Wemster [and her family] and if I’ve forgotten anyone, I’m sorry [I’m not good with names]. There was also major international representation in the crowd, especially on the barrier – UK, Spain, France, Australia, USA, Japan and New Zealand. It was mega!

There’s also new merch – some nicely designed t-shirts, so make sure you buy one!

Thanks to Kasabian for being such Superstars – this is definitely your year to shine and keep on shining.

My photos are here. I will upload vids tomorrow, meantime, please enjoy Laura’s videos from the Saturday show.


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  1. omgggggggg i envy u so much 🙂 c u mon hopefully

  2. sssooo sssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooo jealous!!
    i wish they’d hurry up and announce australia already!!

  3. Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it so much!!!!

  4. Was there on sunday night! What a GIG!

  5. Honey, it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That report made me smile too much 😀

  6. @JD – Australia this August! 😀

    @Laura – luff yoo lots and lots and lots…

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