The Enemy Cancel Oasis Slot

Indie giants The Enemy have been forced to pull out of the opening night of the eagerly anticipated tour by Oasis.

Oasis have really gone to town on their upcoming tour. Containing some enormous venues and an all star cast, the dates are some of the band’s biggest in a decade causing numerous comparisons with the era-defining shows at Knebworth.

Coming along for the ride are some of Britain’s biggest acts. Kasabian are due to perform, alongside Twisted Wheel, Reverend & The Makers and many more. However by far the most controversial additions were The Enemy.

The Coventry band released their new album ‘Music For The People’ earlier this year. Being halted in its charge towards the number one slot by Bob Dylan, it saw The Enemy follow their celebrated debut album in fine style.

In a recent interview Tom Clarke spoke about the tour, claiming that he wanted to become as successful as Noel Gallagher. However Oasis singer Liam Gallagher took exception to some of Clarke’s comments, and in a Twitter bulletin blasted the frontman.

Tom Clarke was forced to explain his comments, apologising for any offence caused. However it seems that the band’s bad luck on the tour is set to continue with The Enemy being forced to pull out of the jaunt’s opening night.

In a new statement the band admit that Tom Clarke is suffering from chronic food poisoning and is in no shape to complete the show.

Bassist Andy Hopkins apologised to fans, saying “Tom has contracted chronic food poisoning. He will be back for Saturday’s show as we all will as a band. We’re absolutely gutted about this and it will make us more determined to blow people’s heads off on Saturday. I’ll be having it down the front with all the Oasis fans this evening.”

The opening night of the tour is in Manchester’s Heaton Park. An enormous hometown show for the group, Oasis have drafted in Jon McClure’s outspoken outfit Reverend & The Makers as a replacement for The Enemy.

Even though McClure claimed to have split the band last year, Reverend & The Makers are due to release their second album ‘A French Kiss In The Chaos’ this summer. Riding a euphoric groove, the new record re-establishes the band as one of the most vital indie groups in the UK.

The Enemy are scheduled to play the rest of the tour as expected.

The new Oasis UK tour is due to open tonight (June 4th) in Manchester’s Heaton Park.


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