Kasabian – worst lyrics ever?


THERE’S nothing more frustrating than someone telling you a story and not getting to the end of it.

This surreal tale from the Leicester rabble-rousers starts promisingly with the information that “John was a scientist, he was hooked on LSD, interested in mind control, and how the monkey held the key.”

Brilliant! You’ve got a high-concept pitch for a primetime TV thriller series right there.

I can see John the acid addict scientist now, using mind-altering chemicals to solve all manner of grisly crimes with the help of his monkey sidekick, like a psychedelic Quincey.

But then, rather confusingly, John “said that all life is experiments someone’s planning for the heir, it’s for the unsuspecting citizens who hallucinate in fear”. No, we’re losing the plot here.



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  1. Surely the bit about how the monkey held the key is a reference to the theory of evolution,it would fit in with John being a scientist.

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