Oasis delight fans at Sunderland gig

WORK experience reporter Jade Dudding reviews the Oasis gig at Sunderland’s Stadium Of Light last night.

Oasis played their only gig in Sunderland, and they didn’t fail to deliver to the packed stadium.

The Gallagher brothers were joined by Reverend And The Makers, The Enemy and Kasabian to entertain the audience at the Stadium of Light. All three supports are huge acts, The Enemy had just completed a UK tour at the end of last year and Kasabian will be touring with their new album later this month.

Reverend And The Makers played their well known hits Open Your Window and Heavyweight Champion of the World amongst other album tracks to the half-filled football ground.

By the time The Enemy and Kasabian played, the pitch and side stands were crowded with excited fans. Both bands delivered high energy performances.

The Enemy, infamous for their loud and rowdy rock songs, opened with Had Enough and then followed with other chart hits off the album We Live And Die In These Towns mixed with tracks off their new album Music For The People. Ending with You’re Not Alone, leaving the audience high on adrenaline for Kasabian and Oasis.

Kasabian were the penultimate act. The crowd went wild when the beat of Empire kicked in and the band kept the crowd jumping and singing with their other unique acts like Processed Beats, Club Foot and their new single Fire, off the album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum.

Halfway through their performance, though, there was a problem with the mics causing a short break, which was disappointing because after the technical difficulties with the performances in Manchester I think everyone expected for this to run smoothly.

Black and white images started flashing on the screens and eventually Liam and Noel with their usual swagger walked on to the stage. The noise of the audience merged in to the opening of Rock and Roll Star sending the fans crazy when Liam started singing.

Oasis were on form performing old and new material. Playing upbeat tracks like The Shock Of The Lightning, Cigarettes And Alcohol and Supersonic which sent the crowd surging forward and in to a frenzy. Mixed with their well-loved slower songs Wonderwall, Don’t Look Back In Anger and Slide Away which with the rain falling and the sound of the thousands of fans singing along gave you goosebumps.

They ended with one of their biggest hits, Champagne Supernova and then followed by a cover of The Beatles song I Am A Walrus which Oasis have finished with for years.

The concert was amazing and felt slightly like a mini festival having so many big acts playing. The three support acts put pressure on Oasis to perform well which they did making the atmosphere in the stadium electric.



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