New single Where Did All The Love Go [Aug 3rd]

Kasabian’s next single Where Did All The Love Go? set for release on August 3rd [thanks bubbs]. The video has already been filmed for the track. Details below…
Where did you shoot the video for Where Did All The Love Go??

Serge: We did it last Wednesday on a soundstage in Wembley, all in one day. You know how these things are – they always take longer than everyone expects. Some bright spark booked it in on the day of the Champions League Final. Inevitably, we missed it. But it was well worth it.What was the thought process behind the video?

Serge: It came from an idea from a video director we know called Charles Mehling. It’s a surreal circus with us playing in the middle of it, based on one of those old ’60’s American variety shows. It’s all seen through the eyes of a couple of kids who sneak under the canvas walls of a large tent set in an abandoned warehouse and see the madness taking place. It’s a constant bombardment of images and ideas, total overload. We wanted it to have a disorientating feel so you’re not sure what’s coming next, like when you’re jet-lagged and you’re more receptive to things. Stylistically it’s inspired by (’60s’ auteur) Kenneth Anger in films like Scorpio Rising, Busby Berkeley and French cabarat. It’s very surreal- there are Black Panthers in it, a knife thrower with a Union Jack cape, pigs painted with Euro signs, the lot! It was another one of those Spinal Tap moments. I’d be standing there next to a Hells Angel and a belly dancer and a donkey would walk past!

The lyrics of Where Did All the Love Go? seem particularly apt at the moment..

Serge: Yeah, we wanted to get that over in the video too. Kids are constantly bombarded with images these days, it inevitably leads to a lack of innocence. Any kid with access to a computer is one click away from seeing almost anything. It’s a totally different experience to the one I had growing up as a kid, where the world ended with the school playground. Y’know, what happened to the days when kids were happy messing about with their mates and playing British Bulldog? At the same time, it’s a pop single; it’s got an uplifting disco feel – you could play it in a club. And it’s quite sexy in places.


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