Saracuse – KASABIAN – The Studio Demo’s vol.1 [new song Rain on my Soul!]

SaracuseFor the Very First Time….

The original Demo’s that got Kasabian a record deal!

Track included is ‘Rain on my Soul‘ – September 2000:
Recorded at Bedrock Leicester. produced by Scott GIlbert & Chris Edwards.

Check the Original Torrent for more information. According to the uploader there’s going to be a lot of early sessions soon. The song itself is an early, early version of Test Transmission and the sound quality is great aswell.

Download RAIN ON MY SOUL from Club Empire

Details from the torrent source…

Ultra rare lost studio recordings.
This cd is the genuine studio recordings that helped to get his Brilliant band a record deal.

The quality is 100% perfect from the studio master tapes.

Kasabian’s very First Ever recording session, recorded live December 1998

1 whats going on
2 interlude
3 life of luxury
4 shine on

second session recorded 1999

5 highest number
6 ten past three
7 in & out satellite
8 dirty dishes
9 angels
10 waiting for you now (acoustic)
11 come back down – Bedrock Studio mix


Live studio session 3 1999

1 pump it up
2 excuse to get wasted
3 get around
4 stupid, nothing matters
5 you wont forget me
6 come back down
7 just relax
8 keep it safe
9 sniffing glue
10 the federation
11 the warrior

tracks 6-11 are rare live acoustic rough takes.


recorded 21st september 2000

1 rain
2 come back down
3 some fingz in my jeans
4 somewhere nowhere
5 sun aint gonna shine
6 wait for you now
7 what love
8 same old story
9 lost soul

tracks 8-9 are rare live acoustic rough takes.


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  1. Oh fuck! This is amazing! I can’t wait to get my hands on the other demos.


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