Kasabian cornered by free wheeling Fergie

Royal touch ... Kasabian

Royal touch ... Kasabian

BEING a chart-topping rock ’n’ roll band isn’t all about knocking back champagne, sleeping with supermodels on beds covered in £50 notes and driving luxury cars into swimming pools.

Rock stars like Leicester lords KASABIAN also have to deal with the frightening devotion of superfans who are more than willing to sell their granny for ten minutes in their company.

SARAH FERGUSON, aka Fergie, former royal headache and ex-wife of Prince Andrew, met the boys at the British Grand Prix on Sunday.

And Fergie made no secret of the fact that she reckoned she and her daughters BEATRICE and EUGENIE were their most devoted followers.

One character in the pit lane told me: “The Kasabian lads looked a bit sheepish when Fergie came galloping over.

“She was clearly gushing with praise for their music. She asked for signed copies of the new album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum — a title she struggled to remember — for her daughters.

“It wouldn’t be a surprise if she was after one for herself judging by her flirting.”

Kasabian were helicoptered in to the race at Silverstone from Slane Castle in Ireland on Sunday morning after an epic night on the sauce with OASIS.

Formula 1 chief BERNIE ECCLESTONE knows his game if he is trying to attract a younger crowd by getting SERGE PIZZORNO and TOM MEIGHAN along.

They should ask for their own yacht in Monaco next year.



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