Kasabian’s Glastonbury Performance [Video]

You can watch the BBC’s coverage of Kasabian’s unforgettable Glastonbury 09 performance on their site.


The Leicester five piece make a welcome return to the festival circuit following the release of third album West Ryder. This year’s Glastonbury appearance follows performances at Camden Crawl, Radio 1’s Big Weekend and a UK tour with Oasis.


* 1.Underdog
* 2.Shoot The Runner
* 3.Cutt Off
* 4.Processed Beats
* 5.Empire
* 6.Where Did All The Love Go?
* 7.Swarfiga
* 8.Fast Fuse
* 9.Me Plus One
* 10.The Doberman
* 11.Fire
* 12.Vlad The Impaler
* 13.Club Foot
* 14.Stuntman
* 15.You Got The Love
* 16.L.S.F.

2 Responses to “Kasabian’s Glastonbury Performance [Video]”

  1. Hayley Harris Says:

    Congratulations on rocking Glastonbury. We’re sorry we couldn’t be there but were supporting you every step of the way from our TV set in Leicester. The new album is beyond our wildest dreams and we’re loving every single track on it.

  2. Julie Maxwell Says:

    Glasto’s great but not much could beat playing on home turf 3 nights in a row, we loved it

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