KASABIAN want to break the ice with Glastonbury headliner Bruce Springsteen by introducing The Boss to a pal who can imitate his dancing.

The Leicester lads were personally chosen to support the rock legend, 59, tomorrow at Worthy Farm.

And axeman Serge Pizzorno told me: “We’re not doing the duration of Glasto. We’re driving in on the day three hours before and leaving straight after for another show.

“But we’d love to meet Bruce before going on. I’ll be like: ‘All right mate? F***ing hell, wow.

“Our mate does an impression of him in the Dancing In The Dark video, so if I could somehow sneak him in that would be incredible. We still get starstruck when we meet people we look up to.”

The lads are currently raging at No 1 in the album charts with their superb third album West Ryder Lunatic Pauper Asylum.

And while they have played a string of smaller venues in the run-up to Glasto, there’s no greater sight at a festival than seeing frontman Tom Meighan thrill a crowd.

Serge, 28, continued: “It has been really good to play the smaller shows.

“You get to a point where you forget what it’s like playing to 2,000 seats, so it’s nice to go back. We have a bit of Led Zeppelin played in the dressing room to fire us up.”

Zeppelin were said to have considered hitting the road again minus singer Robert Plant, 60.

But Tom, 28, would be gutted if Serge ever tried to tour without him.

He grimaced: “It would be f***ing unbelievable. It would damage your head watching it because it’s not the real thing.”

The pair have been best mates for 15 years.

And Tom added: “We have a few disputes and a few scrapes, but that’s part of living with each other and who we are.”



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