Kasabian: Is quiet the new loud?

While Kasabian has always been known for being self-assured rockers with strong grooves, they tone down the music in this their third album to confound critics..

The looping grooves that fans have come to expect from Kasabian, manifest in the track, “Underdog.” Indeed, even from the get-go, the band makes it clear that they can go soft, successfully.

And that is the whole point in “WRPLA”: Kasabian may have harnessed the big drum beats, yet they manage to puts the focus on the un-tempered vocals of Tom Meighan. This profundity and passion makes “WRPLA” more listenable than their previous outputs.

And it’s not that they’ve turned into a second-rate Coldplay either.

To wit: As “Fire” glows in the verse, Meighan makes sure it completely catches, well, fire in the chorus. The Bollywood-flavored “West Ryder Silver Bullet,” meanwhile, expands into a chorus of imposing fervor.

Then again, “Take Aim” is thoroughly stripped back, while the imperceptibly idyllic “Thick as Thieves” is The Kinks in everything but the name. So are they saying that quiet is the new loud?

What is sure is that this sophisticated sound is Kasabian’s musical direction. It’s the sound of past and future merging to first-class effect in the present – and could be Kasabian’s major declaration that they’re in for the long haul.


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