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Kasabian West Ryder Biography/Promo Pictures [HQ]

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Kasabian are the great heretics of British rock; 21st century renegades with a romantic’s heart, a poet’s lust for life and a lysergic vision to sear the eyeballs of anyone who would doubt them.

“The third record is the one you’re judged on” says Serge Pizzorno, referring to the band’s extraordinary new album The West Rider Pauper Lunatic Asylum.

“It’s where you’ve established yourself and people find out who you really are. In terms of success we’ve breached the walls. Now it’s time to destroy the system from within.”
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Kasabian – Empire Biography

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Stardate: Summer 2006. As these words are being written, Kasabian are jetlagged, but happy. Three days ago, they returned from Mexico City, where a disused supermarket full of saucer-eyed devotees treated them like returning heroes. “They even sang along to the keyboards in Processed Beats,” exclaims Serge Pizzorno. And then when we did the new stuff. It was…” Pizzorno is rarely lost for words. When he is though, here’s Tom Meighan to pick up the baton “…legendary. I’ve never felt a force like it.”

Can a record be legendary before it has even come out? You might think you know Kasabian. After all, the dissolute Glimmer Twins of the post-Britpop firmament made no secret of their sources on that eponymous first album. A couple of years after Meighan and Pizzorno met in Leicester, aged 11, it was 1993 and Oasis were making the rock’n’roll dream seem like a goal attainable to a generation of schoolkids. Recorded at the now-mythical farm where they arrived for a party and never got around to leaving, Kasabian’s eponymous debut bypassed most critics and connected dramatically with an audience that recognised them as one of their own just as Oasis had done with Meighan and Pizzorno in 1993.
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Kasabian – Kasabian Album Biography

Posted in Biography, Kasabian on September 13, 2004 by Jennijops


KASABIAN are true stars; funny, articulate & passionate about what they believe in. In a time of faceless plastic pop and lightweight indie jangle its refreshing to hear an album that is so unique, complex, and different from anything else around. KASABIAN’s eponymous debut album is a multi-layered blend of full-on rock’n’roll, dark electronics, widescreen atmospherics, hard hip-hop beats, acid house euphoria, and terrace chant catchiness. No surprise since they grew up during the height of the hardcore rave scene and Oasis, and are well into their football, being longtime fans of Leicester City. KASABIAN released their debut album KASABIAN on 6th Sept. It features their Top 20 hit, Club Foot, and new versions of it’s limited edition predecessors, Reason Is Treason and L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever), as well as upcoming single Processed Beats (out 11 Oct). Catch them after their V and Reading/Leeds Festival appearances on these headline shows.
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