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Kasabian feature in Men’s Fudge and Cover magazines [Japan]

Posted in Photos, Serge Pizzorno, Tom Meighan on June 30, 2009 by Jennijops

More Japanese magazines featuring Tom ‘n’ Serge, this time Fudge and Cover.

Kasabian: Crossbeat Magazine Scans

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Thanks to bei for these scans from the July edition of Japanese magazine Crossbeat, featuring Tom ‘n’ Serge…

Music Weekly at Glastonbury 2009: Day three – Kasabian

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Serge from Kasabian talks about warming up for Bruce Springsteen at Glastonbury, Little Boots plays a tune on her Xylophone and Erol Alkan tells us what he’d ban from the festival. Plus, reviews and previews

In today’s Music Weekly at Glastonbury …

– Serge from Kasabian talks about warming up for Bruce Springsteen (they were just before him on the Pyramid stage), and he talks about his previous Glastonbury experiences: “What goes up, must come down …”


Dispatches from the Madhouse Part 4

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Greetings, Asylum Seekers…

So, Festival season is upon us. Time to dust off the sunscreen, dig the wellies out from the back of the cupboard and start poring over weather charts like Ben Fogle navigating a balsa-wood raft around the Cape Of Good Hope. If life is best lived – as Jack Kerouac once put it – as the pursuit of unforgettable experiences, the British Festival is a good place to start. There can be few who lived through the trenchfoot conditions of Glastonbury in 2007 who will ever forget it. Likewise, anyone who has been there when the sun is high in the sky, the Freak Flags are flying and the music is ringing around the hillsides, who hasn’t felt part of a community. Which, let’s face it, is pretty rare these days in this septic isle.
Whichever way, the band’s appearance on the Main Stage at 8pm on Saturday night was destined to be a night to remember.
In the meantime, here are Serge’s thoughts on the Week That Was…..

Elliot Palm
Consultant Narcologist
West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum

How was the gig in Bridlington last Monday?
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Backstage at Glastonbury: Day Two

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Ahead of Kasabian’s anthem packed set – just before headliner Bruce Springsteen on the Pyramid Stage – the band were spotting stars too.

Serge said he was too nervous to actually say hello to anyone, including The Boss himself, who it’s rumoured specially requested them on the line up.

“We heard the same rumour!” he said. “I just saw him in the corridor and there was not a lot of love there! I didn’t even say hello though. He gave a kind of smile – maybe.”
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Kasabian just love being on tour

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Kasabian have had an epiphany. Despite selling nearly two million records to date, their latest single Fire reaching number three and being invited to tour with good friends Oasis, the band have only just realised they’re huge.

‘It’s weird, man,’ begins front man Tom Meighan, with puppy-dog enthusiasm.
‘We were doing Jools Holland the other week and we were the biggest band on it.
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Kasabian @ Studio 104 – Canal Plus – 26/05/2009

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In 1995, Oasis did not mean only “fruit, spring water, fun.” Oasis has been my gateway to rock, I am indebted to them, thank you, goodbye. It was a golden age for England, a time when the press was creating music from scratch antagonism to sell paper, a time when “live forever” meant something. Oasis was my adolescence. But as each stage of learning, it is not looking in the mirror in the future. That’s why I feel that listening to Oasis in 2009, is a bit like eating mashed-sausage to any meal: a regressive act.

That is why before meeting Sergio Pizzorno, I quickly disinterested of Kasabian. Oh yes there was this parade of Marc by Marc Jacobs in 2004 where the soundtrack completely obsessed me. I did not know Kasabian at that time so I watch the parade loop with my Japanese roommate (yes I have the DVD at home) like a bear with a final match of the UEFA Cup. It was the words typed in a Google search box “All these pills got to operate / The color quits and all invade us” and the result is dropped: “Club Foot” Kasabian. Then I heard them live at the Brixton Academy, too offensive for my taste. I documented and how the press had to describe them as children of the late Brit Pop (a real “do not” in my eyes when we spent twenty years apart to Pulp because the videos are really incredible) and this scared me.
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