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KASABIAN are true stars; funny, articulate & passionate about what they believe in. In a time of faceless plastic pop and lightweight indie jangle its refreshing to hear an album that is so unique, complex, and different from anything else around. KASABIAN’s eponymous debut album is a multi-layered blend of full-on rock’n’roll, dark electronics, widescreen atmospherics, hard hip-hop beats, acid house euphoria, and terrace chant catchiness. No surprise since they grew up during the height of the hardcore rave scene and Oasis, and are well into their football, being longtime fans of Leicester City. KASABIAN released their debut album KASABIAN on 6th Sept. It features their Top 20 hit, Club Foot, and new versions of it’s limited edition predecessors, Reason Is Treason and L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever), as well as upcoming single Processed Beats (out 11 Oct). Catch them after their V and Reading/Leeds Festival appearances on these headline shows.

Finding the pop music around them dull and mannered, Kasabian mixed a bit of the Stones, Happy Mondays, and Primal Scream with DJ Shadow-influenced electronics to take the British press by storm. Named after Linda Kasabian, Charles Manson’s getaway driver turned state witness, Leicester’s Kasabian stole a page from Sun Ra and the Band, as the group’s members moved into a remote old farmhouse to brew their music. Communal life and shelf after shelf filled with albums by their favorites (Neu!, the Beatles, DJ Shadow, Primal Scream, Blackalicious) produced a rocking sound that wasn’t afraid of electronics and harked back to days of baggy pants and druggy dancing. With acerbic answers during interviews, swaggering lead singer Tom Meighan quickly became a darling of the press, and the band’s revolutionary logos and sleeve art added to the excitement. Fold-out poster sleeves, 10″ versions, and hand-stenciled covers accompanied 2004 singles like “Club Foot,” “L.S.F,” and “Processed Beats.” It all added up to Kasabian’s self-titled debut going Top Five on the U.K’s album chart in October of 2004. Two years later, while readying the release of their second album, Empire, founding guitarist Chris Karloff quit Kasabian due to creative differences. ~ David Jeffries, All Music Guide

Kasabian is the self-titled debut album (originally titled Test Transmissions) by the British rock band Kasabian, released in 2004. The album spawned four singles and rose to 4th on the UK Albums Chart.
Different geographical regions had different colours for their album cover. The UK version is black and white, the UK import is black and red, and the U.S. version is black and blue.

This album was chosen as one of Amazon.com’s Top 100 Editor’s Picks of 2005 (#100).

This album has been released with the Copy Control protection system in some regions. In the United States it uses the MediaMax CD-3 system.

Track listing

“Club Foot” – 3:34
“Processed Beats” – 3:08
“Reason Is Treason” – 4:35
“I.D.” – 4:47
“Orange” – 0:46
“L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)” – 3:17
“Running Battle” – 4:15
“Test Transmission” – 3:55
“Pinch Roller” – 1:13
“Cutt Off” – 4:38
“Butcher Blues” – 4:28
“Ovary Stripe” – 3:50
“U Boat” – 10:51 *

Note: “U Boat” contains the hidden track, “Reason Is Treason (Jacknife Lee Mix)” which was featured on the Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life soundtrack, and the opening credits to Gran Turismo 4 for the PlayStation 2. The running time listed is for “U Boat” alone, excluding the gap and the hidden track (which starts at 7:05).
“Orange”, “Pinch Roller” and “Ovary Stripe” were not included on the original US issue, but were later included in a 2005 reissue.

DVD+ Edition
The DVD+ Edition is a special double sided disc with the audio on one side and 45 minutes of video material on the other side. It contains the following:
Reason Is Treason video
Club Foot video
L.S.F (Lost Souls Forever) video
Making Of Club Foot video
Making Of L.S.F (Lost Souls Forever) video
Field Of Dreams (shot at Farmstock gig in May 2005)
[edit]In pop culture

The song “Reason Is Treason” appears on the video game Gran Turismo 4 and is also used as the intro music.
The song “Reason Is Treason” was featured on the fifth soundtrack of Fox’s hit show The OC, entitled Music from the OC: Mix 5.
The song “Club Foot” was used in various video games, including Marc Ecko’s Getting Up, Pro Evolution Soccer 5, Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition, Tony Hawk’s Project 8 and WRC: Rally Evolved.
The song “L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever) is featured on the soundtrack to FIFA Football 2004
The song Club Foot (song) is featured in the 2008 movie Doomsday (film)

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This is one of many albums that was released with a controversial copyright protection program which limited the amount of copies that could be made of the disc and prevented the files from being ripped into MP3s. The software also prevented the CD from being uploaded onto iTunes, and thus iPods. Incidentally, iPod users who contacted BMG’s customer support were given instructions on how to upload it onto iTunes, which involved circumventing the encryption software. Users were told to burn a disc using the encryption software, and then using the burned disc to upload their songs.

In an interview on the UK’s Channel 4, Kasabian guitarist Sergio Pizzorno declared this album to be ‘a big, psychedelic mash-up on a farm.’

On the 10″ vinyl copy of the album the masked figure on cover glows in the dark.

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